type two

heart type

giving | supportive | energetic | romantic | adaptive | manipulative | indirect | dependent

TWOS are known for their giving nature and their ability to anticipate the needs of others. Relationships matter most of all to TWOS and they are highly empathic. They often describe a prideful energy that drives this active giving to others, which at first feels like it meets TWO'S needs. The feeling of being indispensable and its concomitant feeling (or hope) of fulfillment comes from a belief that one must give in order to be loveable. The focus of attention on other people’s needs is at the cost of knowing their own needs and asking for those needs to be met. They identify with the ideal of helpfulness, and are often in the second-in-command position, anticipating needs and realizing potential in others. TWOS do everything to avoid being needy, useless, or rejected. In the face of discomfort, TWOS automatically employ the mechanism of repression of any of their own needs, so they can continue to focus on others. Ironically, in trying to obtain fulfillment by meeting the needs of others, TWOS alienate themselves from their own needs and true potential fulfillment.

What pushes TWO’S buttons? 

Not letting me help you

Feeling needy and with unmet needs

Feeling unappreciated

How do others experience TWOS? 

The Good: Others love TWO’S capacity to be loving, giving, intuitive, caring, generous and energetic.

The Bad: Unhealthy TWOS can be smothering, demanding, and manipulative. When they finally feel undervalued, they can explode.

The Better: Healthy TWOS are in touch with their needs and know how to nurture themselves as well as others. These TWOS are able to give in a balanced way. They can bring out the best in everyone around them with no ulterior motives.


TWO with a ONE wing (2w1) is more controlled emotionally than other TWOS. Their giving is motivated by what is right and socially appropriate.

TWO with a THREE wing ( 2w3) is more aware of how they are seen by others. They depend more on external validation, are more outgoing, and not afraid of being in the spotlight. At their healthiest, they are saintly with no expectations of acknowledgement.  

Movies: Cleopatra; Garp

Connecting Points

TWO’s connection to four: When TWOS are healthy they are confident to explore their own feelings. Unhealthy TWOS may become hysterical and invasive.

Movies: Sophie’s Choice

TWO’s connection to Eight: When healthy, a TWO’S connection to Eight shows up in a strong, clear assertion of personal needs. Unhealthy TWOS can be aggressive in demanding attention for all they’ve given.

Fatal Attraction


Self-preservation TWO comes across as very entitled because of “all I have done”. There is an air of superiority about them and prominent pride. It is time to pay up when a self-pres Two with a strong connection to EIGHT is ready to cash in.

Social TWOs demand a great deal of attention either because they worked hard to make something great happen, or because they are connected to important people. They make good social climbers. Gypsy, Manchurian candidate

Intimate TWOS long for closeness and are both seductive and aggressive. They desire intense involvement in the life of the beloved. These TWOS may confuse desirability with being loved.


Famous TWOS: Bill Cosby, Princess Diana , Jerry Lewis, Leona Helmsley, Mother Teresa

TWOS in the movies: Shirley MacLaine in Postcards From the Edge; Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction; Kathy Bates in Misery; Barbara Streisand in The Way We Were; William Hurt in Kiss of the Spider Woman

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